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For Sale


-My rabbits are guaranteed healthy for one week after that time I have no control to what they have been exposed to.  

- I do not ship at this time.

-If you would like a rabbit from me and I do not have any available or don't have what you are looking for I can put you on a waiting list and will e-mail you when I have some available.

-I will HOLD a rabbit for you only with a 50% deposit. Deposits are non-refundable if you decide not to buy the rabbit(s).

-We operate on a first come first serve unless rabbit(s) are put on hold with a deposit.

-Ask for discounts for the purchase of more than one rabbit

-I am able to deliver any rabbits on the for sale page to the shows I am attending. Please be sure to ask if I am attending that show. See Shows Page

-Prices are subject to change upon development of quality

-Price Range: Holland Lops: pet quality $25-35, brood quality $35-50, and show quality $50+ Fuzzy Lops & Polish: pet $20-30, brood $30-40, Show $40+

- Some for sale rabbits can be bought for the pet price of $35 w/o pedigree so feel free to email and ask.

Be sure to check back frequently as I always try to keep my website updated
Thank You For taking time to read our policy!
If you have ANY Questions Feel free to contact Rachel at:

Holland Lops:
Nothing Available at this Time!
We apologize for not answering emails. Please check back for availablity in a few months.

Fuzzy Lops
$25 To Pet home. Miki is looking for a loving family to spoil her the rest of her retired life would be a nice 4-H bunny. :)

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