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Holland Lop Juniors

rcmCLEMENTINE.jpg picture by rabbitraehollandlop
Great lil orange buck. See for sale page
rcmKIT.jpg picture by rabbitraehollandlop
This lil doe's a keeper! If she gains some confidance and sits up more she'd make a good little show girl
rcmDALTON2.jpg picture by rabbitraehollandlop
Dalton is a cute little boy. I'm hoping that he will be the type of holland that one day you just take him out and he'll have filled out and is all handsome.
rcmKODA2.jpg picture by rabbitraehollandlop
Nice typey doe. Shown once as a 3 month old and had great comments. These pics don't do her justice. Can't wait to see what she produces.
rcmDIXIE.jpg picture by rabbitraehollandlop
Dixie is a cute lil plump girl! She's caught my eye as she is maturing.

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