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Rabbit Language

Basic Terms:
Buck- Male Rabbit
Doe- Female Rabbit
Sire- Father
Dam- Mother
Senior- Rabbit Over 6 months
Junior- Rabbit Under 6 Months
Kit- Baby
Pedigree- written chart of the buck and doe parents, grandparents and great grand parents of one cetertain rabbit. Pedigrees contain informations such as winnings, colors, weights, ear numbers and more.
Broken- A spotted patterned markings with the color white
Solid- A rabbit with the same colored through out the fur
Pet Quality- A rabbit that should not be bred or shown and makes a lovable compainion
Brood Quality- A rabbit that is breeding quality
Show Quality- A rabbit with no disqualifications that can compete well when shown.
*Note- some breeders opinions of qualities can differ*
Breed- there are currently 47 breeds of rabbits in the ARBA. A breed is a class of a rabbit that reproduces itself with distinctive caracteristics.
Breeder- A person who raises rabbits to comply with the Standard of Perfection (book that has all breed standards and is a must for breeders) Can be found at
More "Rabbit Lingo":
  • A.R.B.A- American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc. (
  • Absecess- A lump under the skin as a cause of infection
  • Base Color- Color of Fur next to the rabbit's skin
  • Bell Ears- Ears that have big heavy tips with a distinct lop to them
  • Bloom- A coat in good condition
  • Blemish- A fault that takes away from the rabbit's appearence (often a spot on the fur)
  • Buck Teeth- Bottom teeth over lapping the top
  • Butterfly- Nose marking found of broken patterend rabbits
  • Charlie- A broken rabbit with little colored spots
  • Condition- A rabbit that is overall physically fit
  • Crossbreeding- Breeding rabbits of different breeds. *Note- do not do this unless you are working accepting a new breed in the ARBA or trying to improve your current breed*
  • Culling- removal of undesirable rabbits
  • Dew Claw- 5th toe on the front legs
  • Dew Lap- fold of skin on neck that is found on does to pull for fur to make nests for babies
  • Faults- Imperfections/unwanted qualities for the particular breed or variety.
  • Fly Back-type of coat which flies back to it's norma osition when pet backwards
  • Forstering-The use of a doe other than the dam to raise her young
  • Fryer-yung meat rabbit that is not over 10 weeks old and 5lbs.
  • Hock-Joint that corresponds to the ankle.
  • Hutch Stain-Stain on the coat because of sun discoloration, urine, or rust.
  • Inbreeding-mating closely related rabbits (brother and sister or sire and daughter)
  • Intermediate-6months-8months old rabbit but only applies to certain breeds
  • Kindle-Process of giving birth
  • Line Breeding- mating rabbits so the offspring are close descendents
  • Malocclusion-also known as buck/wolf teeth and is an improper meeting of the incisors.
  • Molt-Shedding out old fur
  • Moon Eye-also known as wall eye which is a whitish film on the eye
  • Nestbox-box for where the babies are born
  • Outcrossing-mating unrelated rabbits from the same breed
  • Open Coat- Fur that lacks density in the undercoat
  • Registered Rabbit-official records of the rabbit and it's pedigree has met the standards by a licensed registar
  • Roaster-Intermediate meat animal tht must be under 6 months and weigh 5 1/2- 8lbs
  • Roll Back- slow return of the fur coat when petted backwards
  • Screw Tail-also known as Wry tail is an abnormal tail that is bent or twisted
  • Slobbers-saliva and drooling around the mouth
  • Solid-a rabbit with the same basic coloration thorugh out it's whole body.
  • Sore Hock- Ulcer on bottoms of feet
  • Standard of Perfection-book with all the breeds standards ( A must have!)
  • Stewer-mature meat animal (over 6 months and over 8lbs)
  • Type- basic conformation of the rabbit
  • Variety-division with in a breed
  • Vent Disease- scabby red tissues around the sex organs
  • Wall Eye also call moon eye white film over the eye
  • Weaning-separating hte doe and her offspring so they no long nurse
  • Wry Tail- abnormal tail that's bent or twisted

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