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These pics are old. I will get updated pictures soon.
My Clamp Tattoo kit. I use Bass Equipment's Grand Champian II Set.
1. Santize rabbit's left ear
(In this picture I have Jack wrapped in a towel. When I first started tattooing I wrapped them. Now I don't find a need for a towel.)
(I know he doesn't look too happy but he's perfectly fine)
2. Pick out Number(s)/Letter(s) desired to tattoo rabbit. The smaller the ear the smaller the tattoo is IMO best.
3. Test clamp on a piece of paper.
Hopefully your test won't turn out like this one
4. Check where vein are in rabbit's ear to make sure you don't hit them and make a bloody mess! If you can't see the veins shine a flash light through the back of the ear.
5. Position clamp away from veins and clamp down HARD. Don't be afraid to put some muscle into it. Rabbit may jump or squeal.
6. Brush ink into holes. Make sure ink gets into them! Or else you'll have an illegable tattoo.
7. More ink into ears! But make sure it doesn't fall down inside of the rabbit's ear canal
See just fine and dandy! Only hurt for a few seconds. I don't wipe excess ink out. I let it dry in the ear for a week then I clean it out.
A finished tattoo. It reads: RE

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