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Commonly Asked Questions

Please note that I'm not posting this because I am tired of these questions being asked. Just thought it might be helpful. I am always willing to give more imput and advice on each subject so feel free to contact me. This is just the Basics.

What should I feed my rabbit? If you are buying food from a petstore my advice is to stay away from the foods with all the colorful additives in them. It’s best to look for feed that has 15-16% protein.  I recommend 16% or higher for showing/breeding rabbits. Rabbits also need roughage. There are two kinds of hay Timothy and Alphalfa, Timothy is what gets the job done. Alphalfa doesn’t have the vitamins that rabbits need like Timothy does is best to feed a handful a few times a week or more.

What treats can I feed my rabbit? I’m not a big treat giver. Treats give rabbit’s diarrhea.  If you want to give rabbits a treat offer small portions and give only once a week.

-Treats that I recommend: Carrot, small slice of apple, pineapple, banana, strawberry, raspberry, cilantro.

-Treats to stay away from: Onion, iceburg lettuce and other watery veggies, dried beans, potatoes human food (cereal, cookies, crackers etc)

How much should I feed my rabbit? Smaller rabbits only need a cup a day larger rabbits depending on size cup +

What type of cage should I get? I recommend cages that have wire bottoms because it keeps the rabbit cleaner. If your rabbit is living in a outdoor hutch make sure it has somewhere it can get out of the weather, a board to hop on to so predators can’t chew on their feet and that all the sides are not wire. The type of cage I don’t recommend the ferret type cages with ramps. Bunnies weren’t meant to climb!

What size of cage should I get? Smaller rabbits can live in 16x24 or slightly smaller can’t go wrong with bigger though.  Larger rabbits need larger spaces, for mini lops 24x24 would be the smallest I’d get as far as Flemish giants go… just make sure it’s really really big ;)

What type of bedding should I use? If you have a solid bottom cage for an indoor bunny use sawdust. Not cedar. Outside rabbits can use straw. I don’t use bedding unless it’s for nestboxes for babies or below freezing in the wintertime.

How Can I litter box train my bunny?  Litter boxes can be found at most pet stores. I recommend filling with corncob. Never use cat litter. Put litter box in the corner of which rabbit uses to go. Most all rabbits use one corner of the cage to go in. Not long after the litter box is in the potty corner the rabbit will realize that’s where they go. Simple as that! :D

Is my rabbit lonely? Most likely not, rabbits are used to being alone and I find they bond more with their human if they live single. However, if you feel like you’d like to get another rabbit to bond I cannot stress enough that both rabbits have to be spayed/neutered as rabbits will fight with each other and if male and female will breed. It is best to pair a spayed female with a neutered male or two spayed females together. I have seen that even two neutered males do fight but some do live in harmony especially if raised in the same litter or since they were young.

Should I give my rabbit exercise? Rabbits love exercise and playing but if it’s a house bunny I recommend that you bunny proof a room. Outside playpens can be made but always make sure you never leave your bunny unattended as rabbits can be good escape artists and because they have so many natural predators.

What is the best breed to get? I find that all breeds have rabbits with good personalities and bad personalities. I find that personality is part genetic part how they were raised (handled a lot etc) There are very few breeds that I would not recommend as pets. 

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