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rcmMILKYWAY-2.jpg picture by rabbitraehollandlop
We are so very proud of Milkyway. We've only shown her twice and she's won in both her classes with one being BOS.
2 Legs
brownsHONOLULU.jpg picture by rabbitraehollandlop
Lulu is a doll and then some. We love this girl to pieces. This is Carly's favorite polish!
rcmFLORENCE.jpg picture by rabbitraehollandlop
Florence is a Milkyway replica. We can't wait to see how this little guy shows!
rcmVENICE.jpg picture by rabbitraehollandlop
Now Venice is a replica of Tippy! She is such a goofy girl to boot!
ssTIPPY2.jpg picture by rabbitraehollandlop
Tippy has the goofiest personality in the world.  We can't wait to see Tippy and Milkyway's babies.
Winnings: 1 Leg
trirwendapo.jpg picture by rabbitraehollandlop
Wendapo is a very nice doe. She poses just beautifully and has an excellent body.
Winnings: 1 BOB
Miki is a goofy girl. We purchased her because we needed another brood doe. I'm told miki can throw some nice babies! I can't wait to see what she'll give us! Thank you Sandy!!
Winnings: 1 Leg  BOV and Best Opp.
Malcolm is a super tiny buck.  He's got a nice head and ear. I would prefer a bigger head but that's just me being picky. His body is fairly good.   Unfortanetly due to an injury to his toe he can not be shown.

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