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Holland Lop Bucks

rcmHAMILTON5.jpg picture by rabbitraehollandlop
Where to begin with this guy? By far the best rabbit I've ever produced here. I'm very picky about the bucks I keep and I almost culled him as a young junior good thing I didn't! Took first place first time out and the wins keep coming!
Pictures by Tim Jasinski
Winnings: 4 Legs, 2 BOBs, 1 B4C and 1 BIS
thfsaynoraJACKRABBIT4.jpg picture by rabbitraehollandlop

Jack Rabbit is an awesome awesome producer. He's my main herd buck and I am so fortunet to own this boy. He's my favorite rabbit and will live here forever!! Be sure to keep an eye out for his babies!

Thank You Tracy and Jenna!!!!

Winnings: 5 Legs
1 Best Of Variety
1Best 4 Class
1/5 BOSG
thfsaynoraCASLON.jpg picture by rabbitraehollandlop
I picked up Caslon at the 08 ARBA Convention. He's a cutie. I love his body. Can't wait to see how he matures. Co-owned with Jennifer D. of Pyknic Rabbitry.  Thanks Jenna!
thfsaynorasPRINCETON.jpg picture by rabbitraehollandlop
What a cutie! I visited Hartman's Rabbitry a few months ago and spotted Princeton and another buck. I told Mandy to let let me know when she wanted to sell either and to let me know LOL and here he is! I hope he'll add that nice crown and ear to my herd and shorten things up.


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